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My Name is Panda. Meet my family.

Friends and Family

Panda's extended family.

It is a pleasure for Mr. Lucky Dog and the folks at Habitat For Humanity to serve Norma and her family, just as they serve us through their military commitment. 

Panda's In the House!

Hi.  My name is Panda, and I am a Maltese mix.  Habitat For Humanity (and Dogs) is giving us a home.

Hi.  My name is Panda, and I am a Maltese mix.  This is my family on each side of me.  That's Norma Robles and her daughters and granddaughter.  

Her son, Josue and daughter, Rita, are both away in the Army.

Coming Soon!


We don't have a definite date, but it won't be long before these folks move into this home with Panda.  

Take a virtual tour of Phase 1 of the home build below,  Watch the highlight reel to the end to meet the Kaiser Permanente volunteers who help Panda get a home. 

Panda Gets a Home

Habitat for Humanity - Phase 2 - Signature Court


Check out this great video

About Habitat For Humanity

The Habitat For Humanity Mission


Ask Panda!  He can't keep quiet about how wonderful these folks are.  Click on the button below to visit their website. 

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